Fako Cultural and Development Association, Alberta

About Us

While promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Bakweri people of Cameroon, we aim to raise funds to support poverty alleviation, advocate for immigrant minority groups, and facilitate the integration and inclusion of people of colour into the Canadian society as a whole and Alberta in particular.

What We Do


— Diversity

Promote the cultural diversity of Canada through our rich cultural heritage from Fako Division, South West Region of Cameroon.

— We Help

Foster solidarity; poverty alleviation; unemployment; and underemployment of Cameroonians in Alberta.

— Sustainability

Promote and sustain social and economic values that maintain Canada’s cultural diversity and inclusion.

— Support

Support the assimilation and integration of Cameroonian women, newcomers, seniors, and persons with disabilities in Alberta with networking and job lead to facilitate the social welfare development of Albertan immigrants into Canada.

— Cultural Activities

We organize cultural activities to promote our culture and raise awareness of various causes in Canada and our country of origin – Cameroon.

— Volunteer Activities

We organize volunteer activities as a partnership or support to other charitable organizations that align with our mission.

Our Approach

We use our rich culture to support the integration of minorities into Canadian society, poverty alleviation, and support for seniors and kids.

Our Mission

Promote the socio-cultural development of people from the Bakweri clan in Alberta-Canada, and use our cultural medium to integrate and support people of colour within Alberta.

Our Vision

Use culture as a language for unity in diversity, with the integration of minorities in Canada.

Our Story

Our members come from Cameroon – West Africa, precisely within the division of Fako in the South West Province of the country. Our primary motive for creating FACDA was to preserve our culture within the diversity of Canada and support the black minority population to integrate within Alberta – Canada. Though a small organization, we have partnered with government and private services to provide services that support our core mission as an organization.

What We Care For!

Cultural diversity and inclusivity
We promote our uniqueness and culture. We celebrate the diversity of Canada and encourage others to do so in different ways. Our culture is our language in supporting our other causes.
Poverty alleviation of minority groups in Alberta
We support initiatives and partner with government services to provide workshops that could lead to job acquisition, hence poverty alleviation.
Integration of minorities into Alberta- Canada
We work with partners to support access to services and the integration of minorities in Canada (especially the black population). We organize workshops and webinars that could support in different aspects of integration.
Mental health and supports to live a healthier life
We strongly believe that mental health matters. For us to stay productive and contribute to the development of our country Canada, we need to be healthy mentally. We come from a culture that requires more mental health education, sensitization and support.
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