Welcome to Fako Cultural and Development Association, Alberta

Promote Socio-cultural development through the Bakweri culture from Cameroon, for the integration, development and support of minorities (blacks) in Alberta.

Who We Are

We are a cultural and development organization based in Alberta, with headquarters in Calgary. We derive our roots from Fako Division in the South West Region of Cameroon – West Africa.

We exist to support the integration of minority groups while promoting the rich cultural diversity of our heritage.

Our goal is threefold: Integration of immigrants; Poverty alleviation; promote our cultural diversity and inclusion.

Impact Stories

Your integration workshops was highly informative.

You did not only provide relevant information, but you gave me the contacts that enabled me to access the right services in Calgary to facilitate my integration process. Thank you, FACDA.

Your guide on careers made a difference to me.

Your organization guided me through my indecision to pursue the right career path. You helped me settle on the right pathway with the correct information. Thank you

Thank you for your mental health support

I want to appreciate FACDA for your support on mental health. I was going through a depression. You directed me to the right services. Thank you so much and God bless you.


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